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Team Orbital competes for smarter water usage


Team Adventure Racing (AR) Sweden belongs with the absolute elite in the world of Adventure racing. The team will now change its name to “Team Orbital” in an effort to support the important work for smarter water usage worldwide.


AR Sweden is one of the world’s most successful teams within Adventure racing. They won their first World Cup medal in 2006 and have won silver in their last three World Cups. The team has now decided to change its name to “Team Orbital Adventure Racing”.


– We want to spread the word about the importance of clean water, says Björn Rydvall, team captain for Team Orbital Adventure Racing, who runs a company specializing in water quality and environmental goals on a daily basis.


“Access to clean water will be one of the major global challenges ahead.”

Rydvall, team captain for Team Orbital Adventure Racing


Clean water – a global challenge for the future of humanity


Clean water is already a scarce commodity in large parts of the world. Research indicates that access to clean water, together with climate change, will be one of the major global challenges in the future.


– Based on my work as a natural environment consultant, I know how difficult it is to purify water from, for example, environmental pollutants and medicines. Therefore, it is obvious to me that we should be economical with the limited clean water we have on this planet. So when this opportunity to work with Orbital Systems came along, there was no question about it.


Furthermore, access to clean and fresh water is scarce in the parts of the Nordic region where we compete, for example on islands in the archipelago and in tourist resorts in the mountains, continues Björn.


– We are very happy to be able to confirm we will continue to support Team Orbital for the coming seasons. We have established a great relationship throughout the years, and to have professional adventure racers testing our prototypes is imperative to ensure we uphold our high quality standards and attention to detail that Haglöfs is known for. In addition, sustainability is deeply rooted in our values and our vision, and it is great to see that the team has found another collaboration partner that shares those values.“, says Victor Adler, Marketing director at Haglöfs, one of Team Orbital’s main sponsors.




Teamwork, endurance and the love of nature – common denominators


Adventure racing is a sport that combines mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, climbing and orienteering. The competitions last up to 7 days, during night and day and without any breathing room.


– It is a sport that requires strength, phenomenal endurance and exceptional teamwork. The same abilities that are required for us, we who are fighting for smarter water use, says Peter Bixe, VP Marketing and Sales at Orbital Systems.




Aiming for the World Championships


Throughout this year we will be following the team both in competitions and in training. The big goal of the team is the next World Championships, to be held in Galicia, Spain, 2-12 October.


– We’re hoping that this collaboration will lead to more people becoming aware of the fact that we have to use water in a smarter way. Obviously, with no nature around us we would see terrible consequences, and there would definitely be no adventure racing, says Peter Bixe.

For more information about Orbital Systems and this collaboration please contact Peter Bixe at peter.b@orbital-systems.com


For more information about Orbital Systems Adventure Racing, please contact team captain Björn Rydvall on 070-68 69 568 or bjorn@team-orbital.com