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Josefina Wikberg

Jossa was born with skis on her feet in Kråkberget in Tärnafjällen. Mamma Elisabeth says that she never learned to walk but started running directly after her two big sisters. She now lives in Kont by the Baltic Sea with teammate Björn, their two kidsa and two dogs. She started her athletic career as a cross country skier and moved onto multisport where Jossan has competed with the team since 2004.




Where did you grow up?

Kråkberget, Tärnafjällen, in your typical Swedish red house with white trim. We were free to roam past the lake below our house and off up Ry mountain, as long as we said beforehand which way we were planning to go.


Do you have any idols?

Ingemar Stenmark, I’d also like to keep my Tärna dialect, even if I haven’t lived there since leaving home. And to still be so fit when I’m over 50!


What was your first Adventure race?

Norrlandsknäcket in Bjurholm but my first expedition race was Le Grand Tour 2004 in Karlstad.


Little known / unlikely fact about yourself?

I can make a pretty mean chocolate cake.


What you will do when your knees finally give out?

Then it’s time to start freestyle skiing or moguls. If the knees are already stuffed I don’t need to worry about getting injured and can go hard.


What is your occupation?



Worst Adventure racing experience?

My first multisport race. I raced with Martina Höök and neither of us could navigate, especially not then. A summary of our race was that we quickly went the wrong way. In the end we threw the map away in frustration. Luckily we went back and got the map, finished the race and continued with our multisport careers…


Biggest “blow”?

Acute overuse of my knee in Le Grand Tour 2004. I couldn’t run at all and the last leg 35km of canoeing in a race for first. My teammates dragged me in the canoe through central Sunne and over the finish line – but we took the win!


Favourite Adventure Racing food?



Favourite Race?

Adventure Racing World Championship in Hemavan och Nordland. Fantastic! Beautiful nature, great course, fun teammates, good food, nice weather and home terrain- yeah pretty much everything except for my sore feet.




2nd Galaecia Raid (ARWS), Spain

1st BAMM70 (overall, including male teams…)


2nd AR World Championship Wyoming, USA


2nd AR world championship Brazil

1st ARWS Expedition Africa, South Africa


3rd Adventure Racing World Championship, France
1st Stockholm Extreme, Sweden
2nd APEX Alpine Expedition Race, Switzerland


2nd Adventure Racing World Championship, Australia
1st The APEX Alpine Expedition Race, Switzerland


3rdst Adventure racing World Championships, Spain
1st Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge, Sweden
1st Polar Adventurerace, Sweden


4th Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge


4th An Turas Moor, Ireland
1st Explore Sweden
6th Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge


1st Swedish championship
3rd Åre Extreme Challenge, Sweden
2nd Adventure Racing World Championship, Brasil