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Björn Rydvall

Björn was born in Knaften (Lycksele),  but now lives in Kont, by Umeå Rivermouth in the Baltic Sea. He lives with teammate Josefina, their two kids Hjalmar and Majken and their retrievers Järv and Lo. Björn is the captain and has been on the team since 2003. He has a background in orienteering and ski-orienteering and loves long cross country ski races. As soon as the chance arises Björn disappears into the mountains, with touring skis or with a fly fishing rod.


Where did you grow up?

Born in Knaften, Lycksele, but moved to Umeå when I was 10. I still live in the flatlands by the coast although I always long to be in the mountains…

What was your first Adventure race?

I was a last minute replacement for Team Silva (not the same Team Silva that I race in today) for the Arctic Circle Traverse in 2002. After racing over 800km from Riksgränsen to Boden and with several black toes and other experiences I was hooked. We won but that was thanks to my experienced teammates Anders Widegren and Peter Juthberg who guided me a through the race… I started out but only packing 20 energy bars, all the same flavor, on the first 120km running leg. Get sick still today thinking of those bars.

Little known / unlikely fact about yourself?

Played the violin for ten years and sang in a boys’ choir.
What you will do when your knees finally give out?
Start making home made fishing flies again – haven’t had time for the last twenty years. Hopefully I can find I way to keep up with my kids by then.


I have a master of science with focus on Environmental chemistry. Working as an environmental consultant, mainly with different aspects on water quality.

Worst Adventure racing experience?

Put my foot I the wrong place on a ridgetop in Abu Dhabi in 2007 and fell over the edge. Got away with a broken femur, a crooked back and a smashed shoulder. Very thankful to be back, both to racing and normal life after that.

Biggest “blow”?

Rode hard at high altitude in the Raid Series in Les Arcs (Francee) 2006. Two stages later I went from feeling like superman to crawling on all fours- sorry again Martina, Micke and Johan! At least I learned the importance of electrolytes…

Favourite Adventure Racing food?

Keeps changing over the years, but dried salty meat, almond paste and oatmeals makes a strong base. As a diabetic (type1) I have to plan and adjust my food-intake according to my blood sugar…

Favourite Race?

World Chanps in Sweden/Norway 2006 was really varied and challenging. Just wish we would have known then what we have learned by now…BAMM in Björkliden is also a favorite.




Adventure Racing World Championship
2018 Reunion Island 2nd
2017 Wyoming, USA 2nd
2014 Ecuador DNF
2012 France 3rd
2011 Tasmania 2nd
2010 Spain 3rd
2007 Scotland DNF
2006 Sweden/Norway 3rd
2005 New Zealand DNF

Other Adventure Races
2019 Raid Gallaecia (ARWS), Spain. 2nd
2018 Nordic Island Adventure Race (ARWS). 3rd
2017 Xtrail Expedition Race (ARWS), China. 2nd
2014 Expedition Africa (ARWS), Wild Coast. 2nd
2013 Expedition Africa (ARWS), Drakensberg. 1st
2012 Alpine Expedition Race (ARWS), Switzerland, 2nd
2011 Alpine Expedition Race (ARWS), Switzerland. 1st
2010 Explore Sweden (ARWS) 1st
2010 Polar Challenge (SWE) 1st
2010 European Championship, Le Grand Tour 1st
2010 Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge 7th
2008 Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge 6th
2008 Explore Sweden (ARWS) 1st
2006 Bimbache Extreme (ARWS) Spain 2nd
2006 Nuevo Leon Adventure Challenge (Mexico) 5th
2005 Raid Series Norway/Sweden 2nd
2005 Extreme Adventure Hidalgo (Mexico) 4th
2005 Raid Series Andorra 13th
2005 Explore Sweden (ARWS) 2nd
2004 City Challenge (SWE) 1st
2004 Le Grand Tour (SWE) 1st
2003 Le Grand Tour (SWE) 1st
2002 Arctic Circle Traverse (SWE) 1st
2002 Explore Sweden (ARWS) 3rd


Other races
Åre Extreme Challenge SOLO 1st 2007, 2013
BAMM70 18 times (14 victories)
OMM Elite 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th
Vasaloppet numerous times, 17th as best
Kebnekaise Classic 1st